-- a sensor

Squares, streets, buildings, traffic lights and lighting poles between the Kloosterstraat and Nationalestraat will be equipped with sensors and cameras. Some delivery vans from bpost will also be equipped with sensors. All these instruments measure the air quality, noise in the environment, intensity of light, movements of cars, cyclists and pedestrians, and so on. Weather stations measure the rain and the wind. The more data and the better the calculations, the more possibilities. All the data will be transformed into usable information for city services and all Antwerp residents.

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To build our smart city, the Antwerp Smart Zone prefers to work with entrepreneurs and scientists. Do you recognise these qualities in yourself? Then make sure to get in touch to experiment with us.

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Nobody knows our city better than those who live or work there. This is why the Antwerp Smart Zone wants to get ideas and insights from as many residents as possible, to work together to help make Antwerp even smarter.

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