A unique experiment

Making a city smarter is a long process of brainstorming, testing, endeavouring, adjusting and testing again. The opinion of the citizen is an important part of that research.

The introduction of new, technological projects in the city only makes sense if there is public support for it. This is why the participation of citizens is an essential part of the Antwerp Smart Zone. By participating in this research, citizens make an important contribution to their city.

Autumn 2017: intensive co-creation

Long before the first cameras and sensors were installed, residents, retailers and companies were given the opportunity to express their opinion. They were given this opportunity during residents' meetings, through an online survey and during workshops with

  • residents (with the residents association of Sint Andries),
  • disadvantaged groups (with Kauwenberg centre), 
  • senior citizens (with the district consultant for seniors and the local supervisory board), 
  • young people (with local youth group Habbekrats), 
  • and traders (with local dealer association, Quartier National).

Early 2018: define projects

Armed with the answers provided by citizens and traders, two projects were chosen that would make a real impact on the neighbourhood.

  • Smart lighting on the Sint-Andriesplaats: lighting adapted to the situation.
  • Safe crossings at the Tropical Institute-Nationalestraat crossroads: decrease the number of pedestrians who ignore the red lights.

Early 2018 – end of 2019: experiment

The two projects were started at the beginning of 2018. During the entire test period, the Antwerp Smart Zone wants to hear the opinion of residents on a regular basis. If necessary, the projects can then be adjusted. 
The experiments will run until the end of 2019.