What is the Antwerp Smart Zone

Cities are constantly evolving. The Antwerp street plan has grown over the course of history: the demolished walls, the increased space for cars, the increase of high-rise buildings, the highway that cuts the city in half, and so on. Even today, the city represents a major transformation: from passive construction to a smart and active city.

In the Antwerp Smart Zone, the City of Antwerp and imec City of Things are testing different ways to make the city smart.Or to it put another way: how can technology and innovation improve life in the city and make it safer? Projects tested on Sint-Andries may be found to be useful throughout the city later.

Imagine ... 

  • you can take the fastest cycle route to work, taking into account your average speed and the traffic lights along the way? 
  • your smartwatch can choose a route where the air is cleaner? 
  • the fire brigade can start to distribute sandbags immediately in case of flooding? 
  • you can be assigned the next parking space at the exit of the highway? 

The possibilities of a smart city stimulate the imagination, but at some point you have to begin with something. Discover the current projects of the Antwerp Smart Zone here.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs and researchers

The development of “smart cities” is still new. The government cannot build a new Antwerp alone. It will only be possible with the input of citizens, companies and researchers.

Technologies and solutions that have a real impact on the lives of people in the city offer great opportunities. Contact us if you want to help make a difference.

Would you like to build it with us? Sure!

To build our smart city, the Antwerp Smart Zone prefers to work with entrepreneurs and scientists. Do you recognise these qualities in yourself? Then make sure to get in touch to experiment with us.

Build it with us

Would you like to take part? Gladly!

Nobody knows our city better than those who live or work there. This is why the Antwerp Smart Zone wants to get ideas and insights from as many residents as possible, to work together to help make Antwerp even smarter.

Take part